Armenian Genocide Commemoration Event – 4/15/15

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 15th from 12:30 PM Р1:30 PM, Armenian Law Student Association will have their Armenian Genocide Commemoration Event in Room 14. During this event, they will be showing a documentary and will have two Armenian Attorneys speaking about the legal implications of the Genocide. Armenian Lunch will be provided. Donations are welcome. Following the speakers, ALSA will host a candlelight vigil outside. Please join ALSA and show your support!


Student Org: In Vino Veritas

Hello my dearest Poets! I wanted to highlight a new student organization we have on campus, In Vino Veritas. Please take a moment to read through what the organization is about and attend their next event (details below!).

In Vino Veritas.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of In Vino Veritas is to bring together students, professors, alumni, professionals as well as local community members to learn and explore the social, cultural and legal aspects of wine, as well as to enjoy the pleasures that wine, fine food, and good conversation provide.

As a new organization on campus, IVV’s vision is to provide an opportunity for students to further develop a hobby that is sometimes perceived to be unaffordable and inaccessible. We wanted to create a Group at Whittier Law School that will help us all learn about wine in a casual, cost-sensitive way among friends; to explore the legal business opportunities as they relate ¬†to the wine industry, such as wine production, marketing, intellectual property (specifically trademark), land use law, regulatory law.

Join Whittier Law’s IVV, for their 1st on campus event as we compare wines from around the world!! Come taste wines from France, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Italy and the good ol’ USofA. We will explore each country’s wine region. Then we will taste! There will be at least five types of red wines on the menu: pinot noir, malbec, sangiovese, cabernet, and more.¬†Wednesday,¬†April 15th from 5:00 – 9:00pm, wine tasting approximately from 6-8pm.


Thank you to Julieta Echeverria for kindly sharing your organization with us! 

Healthy Poets!

It is time to think about preparing for finals physically and mentally. Part of being successful is not letting stress and emotions take over. I find that a healthy diet and regular exercise are helpful. I invited all of you to join the 30-day fitness challenge that started 15¬†days ago. If you haven’t started it’s ok, it is never too late to start. Start now and give yourself a few days to prepare physically and mentally. Please use my health page.

Feel free to post workouts, recipes etc. You do not need to follow a strict diet just sit down and think about what works for you and actually do it for the next few days. We are in this together people so let’s motivate one another and succeed together.


Thank you Maria Elena!