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Dumplings On My Mind!

Din Tai Fung 
3333 Bristol St,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 549-3388

Dumplings on my mind, dumplings, dumplings on my mind. I mean who doesn’t love pure doughy goodness and some hot and sour soup to top it off? That’s a combo I definitely can’t resist. Luckily, there’s Din Tai Fung a few blocks away from campus! There is nothing I have tried that I don’t like. Every single dish that they have is chopstick-licking good. However, I don’t leave without ordering my must-haves. To start, there is nothing more satisfying than smelling the sautéed garlic string green beans and hot & sour soup headed to your table. My top three main courses are, Pork Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp & Pork Shao Mai, and Mixed Wontons with Spicy Sauce. Those are “get in my belly” good! There is just something about this restaurant that screams warm and inviting. The service is amazing and the food is delicious. As law students, we all need some comfort food from time to time and what better time to go have some delicious and warm dumplings during this time of year. Plus, it’s located in the mall so you can get your holiday shopping done while you’re at it! 



Shrimp & Pork Shao MaiUntitled2







Pork Xiao Long Bao








Mixed Wontons with Spicy Sauce






Bear Flag Fish Company
7972 E Pacific Coast Hwy,
Newport Beach, CA 92657
(949) 715-8899

If you can’t let go of summer quite yet, stop by Bear Flag Fish Company and indulge yourself in some of the best poke you will ever have. This authentic spot is filled with fresh and delicious ingredients. If you love seafood than this is definitely the place for you. They have everything from freshly rolled sushi to seafood tacos and burritos. My absolute favorite item on their menu is their ahi tuna poke. It is SO delicious that I want to drive down to Newport and grab some as I write about it. Clearly it’s addicting. They serve the pokebfc1 with warm, freshly fried tortilla chips and that’s all she wrote folks! It is that good. It doesn’t end there! I am a seaweed salad fanatic and they have some of the best I’ve tried out here in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach. Not quite done yet. Their shrimp taco is the! It’s a great place to go for either a quick snack or a full hearty meal. Although they strictly bfc2serve seafood, they have a very diverse and affordable menu. We all know, us law students love a bargain. Bear Flag will not disappoint.









Written by:

Arianna Isbirian

Arianna Isbirian

Ramen, Wine, and Cheese!

With the winter months and finals approaching, comfort food and indulgence are the first things that come to mind. What better way to satisfy these cravings than with some Ramen or Wine and Cheese! I have been searching for great spots since the beginning of my 1L year, about a year and a half ago. After going on a hunt for the best places, my staples are Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen and Wine Lab.

Oh how I love my Ramen. While working in Little Toyko, Los Angeles, I was on cloud 9; surrounded by different Ramen restaurants. After trying Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen, I fell in love with their traditional Ramen. Their broth is UNREAL and their pork chasu falls apart like butter! What I love mosrament is their variety of toppings and option to customize. When I found a Shin-Sen-Gumi out here, I was excited like a kid in a candy store. I immediately went to try it, to see if it is as delicious as the location in Los Angeles, and I was not disappointed one bit! It was better than what I remembered it to be. The more I talk about it, the more I want to drive to Fountain Valley and satisfy my cravings. This location is like a hole in the wall and always packed like a can of sardines; but that adds to the homey feel. Although we have to wait every time, it is too decadent and comforting, to turn down.

Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen
18315 Brookhurst St #1,
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 962-8952

WC1Wine and cheese…yum! Wine Lab is the perfect mix of my two favorite things. It is a small and quaint restaurant that is perfect for any occasion. One taste of their cheese plate and there is no turning back. I have yet to meet a cheese I don’t like, but if I HAD to pick, my favorite plate would have to be the Cheesemonger’s Selections. The pairings of the cheese’s, jams, and cured meats was perfect! The plate included delicious prosciutto and salami, alongside fluffy and flakey slices of French baguette. Their flatbreads are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Their Soleil flatbread included pesto, ripe tomatoes, and fresh mozzarellWC2a…need I say more? They have a great wine selection and if you can’t make up your mind on which you want to try, just get a set of flights and get to tasting! All reds and whites at your fingertips. Speaking of fingertips, you will be licking them as you eat their Italian Doughnuts, with their whipped vanilla cream and chocolate sauce. This may sound cheesy but just wait till you try the cheese plate!

WC3Wine Lab @ The CAMP
2937 Bristol St., Suite A101B,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 850-1780


Written by:

Arianna Isbirian

Arianna Isbirian